Do you want to join Florida Intimacy Professionals?

Florida Intimacy Professionals is a collective of Intimacy Coordinators and Intimacy Directors living and working in Florida, as well as Entertainment Industry members who promote consent-forward, trauma-informed art-making. 

Florida Intimacy Professionals advocate for and embody best available practices in Theatre, Film, TV, Concert Dance, and Opera, as well as in performance training and educational institutions, to help create entertainment workplaces that center consent, collaboration, and trauma-informed creative processes. 

Florida Intimacy Professionals demonstrate to the Florida Entertainment Industry that qualified, experienced, high-quality Intimacy Professionals are living and working in Florida, and are committed to making excellent, safe, and collaborative works of art here.

What training do you look for in members of the Florida Intimacy Professionals Collective?

All Florida Intimacy Professionals (FLIPs) must show both completed and ongoing study in ALL of the following areas: 

To be considered for the Collective, 30+ hours of training must be demonstrated for Emerging Members. 75+ hours must be demonstrated for Full Members. This is in alignment with SAG-AFTRA expectations for Intimacy Coordinators. We ask that this training expectation be met by all Intimacy Professionals. 

Florida Intimacy Professionals

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